Stars delight L'Officiel Fashion Night in Beijing

2022-04-05 Pop star Yang Mi covers the fashion magazine Actor Huang Jingyu covers the fashion magazine Japan's break with tradition doesn't really change anything: China Daily editorial Chinese supermodel He Sui covers the fashion magazine Hong Kong director unveils new martial arts comedy Former CCTV anchorman Li Yong dies at 50 Actress Ning Chang releases new fashion photos Pop idol Wu Lei releases new fashion shoots Preparations for wildfires can never be overemphasized Hong Kong actor William Chan covers the fashion magazine Linguistics student crowned Miss Chinese Top actress Yao Chen covers the fashion magazine Rising young actor Liu Haoran releases fashion photos Chinese stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin announce their marriage Chinese American Film Festival kicks off in Hollywood Stars delight L'Officiel Fashion Night in Beijing Actress Qin Lan poses for the fashion magazine Classic images from martial arts novelist Louis Cha's works Actress Xin Zhilei covers the fashion magazine